Reading Blog Kick-Off!…and two book reviews!


In an effort to try and connect with book recommendations and happy summer reading vibes, I would like to offer up this blog as a place to do just that…a place to share books!

I will start this work off by reviewing my first two summer reads.  Please check in here if you are looking for a book to read or just want to find out what your friends are reading.  Every student who posts at least three book reviews will get to order a book of their choice in the fall!  If you see your friends over summer, encourage them to check out blog our and let’s see what we can create as a community!

Happy Reading!

I finished my first book, This is Where it Ends, by Marieke Nijkamp.  It is told from four different perspectives, within a 54 minute time frame, and is about a school shooting…so parents please review before you let you child read.  I would give it a 5 on a scale of 1-10.  It was kind of confusing to keep the characters straight because they were all pretty one dimensional…not much character development.  It was a very quick read as I really wanted to know what was going to happen, but it was also pretty predictable.  To me, the book was more rooted in the possible effects of bullying than a school shooting itself.  I’m glad I read it, but it would not be my first recommendation for a summer read!


I just finished my second book, Home of the Brave, by Katherine Applegate.  I loved, loved, loved this book!  It was short (written in prose) and told through the eyes of a child who is a refugee here in America.  From his perspective, I was able to get a sense of how people from other countries, especially war torn ones, view things in America (he has fled his country because of war and is awaiting to hear the fate of his mother, whom he was separated from in a raid).  He calls the trees in winter the “not dead trees” because he learns that trees without leaves in Minnesota are not dead; they just don’t have leaves during winter.  These things totally confuse Kek, the main character, but through his new friendships, one with a cow, he learns how to adapt to a new place, all the while missing his familiar home.


So who will be next to put a recommendation on our new blog?  Help me make this blog a great “go-to” spot for good reads!

If you have a kindle and need a new book, don’t hesitate to email me with the titles and authors and I will get those to you ASAP.  Also, if you want to come and book shop in our classroom, email me and we can set up a time to come and book shop!

Well, I am off to read my next book, As Brave as You Are.

Happy Reading and Happy Summer!  Stay tuned for a Pop Up book share in July!



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    Fish in a Tree is about a girl struggling to find to where she fits in life despite her struggles with dyslexia. She was not diagnosed at a younger age because she comes from a military family that moves a lot. It was an interesting book and had a message that everyone has different strengths.

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